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What does Fusion offer?

Melt Company offers you a wide range of services, represented by:

IOT (Internet of Things)

Al-Insehar Company provides its services in the field of planning, equipping and implementing smart cities and buildings, where our strength lies in our partnership with the manufacturers and the methods of implementing these projects in terms of expertise and our company owns a wide range of financial plans to implement these projects.

Solutions for the public and private sectors

Al-Insehar Company is specialized in supplying various technical equipment and devices, services and integrated solutions in various sectors through specialized work teams in each sector to ensure a full understanding of the sector’s needs and closely examine its daily problems to improve them and develop their performance.

Security Solutions

In our alliance in Al-Insehar with giant international companies in the security sector, we provide the best security solutions and services that are mainly divided into: building and enterprise security solutions, network and data security solutions and protection from intrusion.

Telecommunications Services

Based on its distinctive vision for the telecommunications sector and its ambition to contribute to building high and advanced capabilities for solutions and services in it, the company offers different and flexible business and cooperation models through which success, benefit and profit can be achieved by both parties through long-term partnership and cooperation.

IT solution

We offer unique solutions and capabilities in the field of business services management after studying the increasing need for information technology, and its great role in reducing effort, expenses and problems in managing operations, increasing productivity and profits, saving time and accuracy in production.

Consulting services

We work to provide innovative and creative solutions using the latest systems and technologies through international partners and manufacturers who support their creativity. We cultivate confidence and knowledge in the souls of our customers, which enables them to make their decisions and choose their future plans through analysis, research and development of appropriate investment plans.

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